Achill Island

Achill Island

View of Keel and Croaghaun from Minaun

The main purpose of this trip to Ireland was to celebrate the wedding of Jen and Keith. I met them both back in 2006 when I attended the Achill Archaeological Fieldschool back in my undergrad days. It was a fun summer full of digging, drinking, and sheep shit. 

I didn’t get to see everything I had intended on seeing or photographing on this trip out to Achill Island…mostly on the account of pub time.

County Mayo

The view from Nevin’s Newfield Inn as I got a bit lost between Clonmacnoise and Achill

Achill Island

Sunset on Achill. Looking at Dooagh from Pollagh

Achill Island

Keem Beach

Achill Island


Achill Island

Signage on Slievemore Road in English and Irish

The next photos are all from the Deserted Village on Slievemore. Back in 2006, we excavated a couple structures. This years field work has moved over to Croaghaun.

Achill Island

Achill Island

Achill Island


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