Winterfell (Part 1)

I had been to Northern Ireland several times previously so wanted to do something a bit different this time. I found Game of Thrones Tours which brings you to some of the filming locations. The tour departing from Dublin was Winterfell (Belfast departures had a couple other options). The Winterfell tour takes you to a lot of locations from the first season of the show.

Stop 1: Tollymore Forest Park

The tour provides you with cloaks for wandering around the forest. It was 20 degrees out that day, so the fur trimmed cloak made the walk slightly uncomfortable – but I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. The park itself is lovely and is definitely worth returning to.

Tollymore Forest Park

Tollymore Forest Park

Wildling Camp – where the rangers found all the dead wildlings

Tollmore Forest Park

The Bridge where the Starks found the dead Stag

Tollymore Forest Park

Where the direwolves were found

Tollymore Forest Park

Some scenery from the park

Stop 2: Lunch at Paddy’s Barn and Direwolves

Part of the tour also included a visit from Odin and Thor (Summer and Greywind), two dogs that played the direwolf pups in the first season. The family is also involved as extras in the TV show.







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