Winterfell (Part 2)

Inch Abbey
Stop 3: Castle Ward Grounds

It was cool seeing Castle Ward (used for Winterfell) as you get a sense how much CGI goes into the creating the world of Game of Thrones and how close some of the locations are. Scenes here include the location of Winterfell, The Twins, Robb’s Camp, and parts of the story where Brienne is tasked with escorting Jaime back to Kings Landing.

Castle Ward

Courtyard at Castle Ward. The arch on the right is the one Robert and the royal entourage ride through when visiting the Starks in Winterfell (the Starks would have been lined up to greet him from where I was standing)

Audley Castle

Audley Castle – used as Walder Frey’s Twins. It was also seen in scenes of Robb’s Camp

Castle Ward

┬áRobb’s Camp (just on the other side of Audley Castle)

Castle Ward

The tree where Brienne and Jaime came across the hung girls

Stop 4: Inch Abbey

Last stop of the day. This is where  Robb Stark is declared King of the North.

Inch Abbey

Inch Abbey

Inch Abbey

Inch Abbey


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