Alberta Culture Days – Drumheller & the Badlands

Alberta Culture Days was a couple weekends ago and offered free admission to provincial museums and heritage sites. I took the opportunity to head out on the Friday to go to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller and do the Seven Wonders of the Badlands hike.

Oh Hai!

The drive out was super foggy/overcast, but the skies did clear up part way through the day.

Prairie Skies along Highway 9

Prairie Sky

The museum was going under some updates (YAY! New galleries) but there was still plenty to see. The Seven Wonders of the Badlands hike was a short walk on the 1.5Km trail next to the museum. The guide explains some basic geology and history of the badlands and the fossils that are found in the area.

Dino Lab at the Royal Tyrrell

Dino Lab

Dinosaur Vertebra from the collections at the Tyrrell


Hoodoos in the making

Hoodoos in the Making

After checking out the museum I drove up to the “Ghost Town” (I think there are still people living here. A guy was mowing a lawn when I drove in) of Rowley.

Rowley Train Station


Creepy Shop Window


Rail Car and Grain Elevators


The last stop of the day was Horsethief Canyon

View on the Range Road

Prairie Sky

Horsethief Canyon

Horsethief Canyon

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