Sedona, Arizona

We left Flagstaff in the morning and started a surprisingly snowy drive to Sedona. The town itself is a neat place…loads of crystals and people that are into vortexes.

Cathedral Rock

We headed down the highway towards Yavapai Vista, this trail allows for some of the best views of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock, as well as views back towards Sedona.


Rabbit Ears

Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock

Our next stop before getting on the highway for Phoenix was Montezuma Castle National Monument (misnamed – not related to Montezuma mythology nor is it a castle.) It’s a dwelling complex (?) built into the side of the cliff by the Sinagua people.

Cliff-side Dwelling

Close up of the dwelling

Model of Dwelling

Montezuma Castle

Ground Level Structure

Montezuma Site

The last stop (before an ill timed drive into Phoenix during rush hour) was at Sunset Point for a quick panorama


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