Grand Canyon Tour

We ended our trip in Las Vegas – I’m not a huge fan of crowds so I spent a day checking out the sites then decided to book the sunset tour to the Grand Canyon with Grand Adventures.

The day started quite early (pick-up before 7am) and ended late (back around 10:30pm); the tour went out to Grand Canyon National Park which is further than the west end of the canyon that a lot of tours tend to go to. There was plenty of time at each stop and the guide shared a lot of information on the natural and cultural history of the area.

Stop 1: Hoover Dam

The top of the white rock marks the full capacity level back in the 1983.

Hoover Dam

Security Measure

Stop 2: Seligman, Arizona (Route 66)

The next stop was Seligman, Arizona – a Route 66 town (and apparently provided inspiration for the movie Cars). There a lots of classic cars around town and some old 1950s shops and restaurants as well.

Stop 3: Grand Canyon National Park

We got to Grand Canyon National Park around lunch time and took a drive along Hermit Road to a couple viewpoints. It’s really hard to capture the scale and enormity of the canyon – the pictures really don’t do it justice.

Pima Point

Hopi Point

We then had a couple hours to explore the area around Grand Canyon Village. There are a couple art studios and shops. The Bright Angel trail also starts from here.

Bright Angel/Grand Canyon Village

The last stop for the day was Yavapai Point to catch the sunset. We were given time to check out the Geological Museum here as well as walk along the Rim Trail (also came upon some elk on the trail!) before our guide showed us the spots for taking sunset photos. The sky was super clear, so the sunset wasn’t dramatic. It did provide some gorgeous light and muted colours in the rocks though.

Bright Angel Fault from Yavapai Point

Elk Feeding

Looking West

Humans in the Forground for scale

Golden Hour light on rocks

Looking North

Muted Canyon

Golden Hour

Some cool map files and data of the geology of the Grand Canyon.


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