Dinosaur Provincial Park

During university I had a pretty sweet gig as a survey assistant for the Alberta Government – I got to drive around to the different heritage sites in Southern Alberta to get visitors to fill out a survey when they left the facility/site. One of the sites I got to visit was Dinosaur Provincial Park. I haven’t been back since, but thought I would take advantage of the long weekend to check it out. The morning was a bit rainy, so I didn’t leave Calgary until 2pm – there was still plenty of daylight left when I got to the park. Important to note that Dinosaur Provincial Park isn’t close to the Royal Tyrell Museum, it’s located closer to Brooks, Alberta.

I didn’t get to the park in time to check out the displays in the visitors centre on this trip but I did get a chance to do a couple of the trails and get in some sunset shots. Most of the park is restricted access (unless you are on one of the guided programs), there is a public loop with some fossil displays and interpretive trails.

Viewpoint by the Prairie Loop Trail

Prairie Crocus (Badlands Trail)

Landscape on the Badlands Trail

View from Fossil House #1

By the time I had reached the Trail of the Fossil Hunters it looked like rain was going to roll in. Luckily, it skirted to the south and the clouds provided some dramatic backdrops.

Scenes from the Trail of the Fossil Hunters

Sunset on the Prairie Loop Trail


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