Aurora – April 21/22

I haven’t had much luck this past year in catching aurora, it was either during the work week or any alerts came through on a cloudy/snowy night. So when I checked late friday night I was pretty stoked to see that there was a pretty decent show on. The Lyrids were also peaking through the weekend, I was able to see a couple, but don’t think I caught any on the camera.


I haven’t gotten too much into reading the technical charts, I mostly rely on posts and nightly threads in the Alberta Aurora Chasers facebook group. The people in the group are super helpful with posting updates and where there are clear skies. Additionally, there is a handy location map and other aurora chasing resources (and a phenomenon now dubbed ‘Steve’)

I typically head west of the city to catch the aurora but decided to try my luck going east this time around. First stop was just east of Langdon along Glenmore Trail (Highway 8). There was quite a bit of light pollution from Calgary as well as Strathmore visible here.

Aurora East of Langdon

We then headed further North and East, just past Strathmore along Highway 21. The sky was much darker here and you could see so many stars with the moon being close to new. Going through the photos I think I need to re-calibrate my view finder as things look less than sharp and I haven’t changed this up since I got my glasses.

Aurora North East of Strathmore


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