Grassi Lakes – Early Season Hike

Grassi Lakes is usually a good bet for the first hike of the season. It’s pretty short and not very steep to shake the dust off your legs. You get decent views on the way up and the views at the end are definitely worth it.

Grassi Lakes

I got to the trailhead around 10am, there were some cars already there, but it wasn’t packed (plan on being earlier, especially on weekends during the summer as this trail is quite popular). I usually like going up the more ‘difficult’ way (there are stairs near the end that go along a waterfall) and coming back down the easy route, however, on this outing the more difficult trail was closed off for safety reasons.

Outlet of the Upper Lake

Signs of Spring

There are usually rock climbers above the lakes as well.

View of Canmore and the Bow Valley


One thought on “Grassi Lakes – Early Season Hike

  1. Alberta! I am from Toronto (I know I know haha) and one of my regrets was not exploring Alberta more. The natural scenery there seems so awesome and beautiful…sigh..thanks for sharing!


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