Aurora – May 27th/28th, 2017

The G3 Storm watch went up saturday afternoon, with a good chance of aurora across the entire country!  The only downside was that it doesn’t get dark until after 11pm in the spring months, so it was going to be a late night. I headed out early to Lake Minnewanka as it fills up quick with other people hoping to catch of the Northern Lights.


We got to Lake Minnewanka just before 11pm, the sky wasn’t completely dark yet, but you could see the aurora coming through faintly

Pre-dark Aurora and the Line of Cars at Minnewanka


I was also able to capture the International Space Station making a pass near Banff (You can track the station HERE)

International Space Station Passing through the Aurora

Aurora and International Space Station

Multi Colour Aurora


We got a couple hours of solid lights – sometime between 1:30am and 2am the sky just exploded and you could really see the lights start to dance. I barely had time to adjust the camera settings to stop the photos from being overexposed.


A large bright band stretched across the sky – parked on the road you looked from Mount Girouard straight overhead to Cascade Mountain.

The Insane Burst



The clouds rolled in around 2am – and I decided to call it a night. You could still see some aurora on the drive back to Calgary from Banff (although not as strong as the Mother’s Day display last year). All in all a great show!

Clouds Over Minnewanka


4 thoughts on “Aurora – May 27th/28th, 2017

  1. Damn the northern lights! I wish I visited when I was younger and was still in Canada..damn…thanks for sharing and motivating me to go see it soon.Cheers


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