Badlands Camping


We recently took a weekend camping trip to Tolman Bridge East (near Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park) in the Alberta Badlands. The campground is relatively quiet, located on on the banks of the Red Deer River – there is a gun range that operates to the west, but it’s not crazy distracting.

Sunset and Birdsong

The days were hot, bright, and clear. In the late afternoon you could see storm clouds on the horizon. We were lucky enough to have the storms skirt around the campground both nights we were there.

Storm Clouds and Rainbows

Watching the Sunset

Clouds + Sunset = Epicness

After the Storm

We took a quick trip out to the ghost town of Rowley (just a bit to the south of the campground). I had visited a couple times prior, but only saw the outsides of the buildings. This time around we were greeted by one of the locals, and they offered to take us around for a tour inside the buildings.

Apple Head Dolls

Interior of the Bank (Purpose Built for a film)

Inside the Funeral Parlour

Beauty Salon at the Back of the General Store

Sam’s Saloon hosts a pizza night on the last Saturday of the month. The event has gotten bigger over the years and they now close off the street to seat more people.

Inside Sam’s

Items at the Train Station

Looking out onto the Platform

Old Campaign Items

Microscope at the Schoolhouse


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