Camping at Castle Falls

With the free entrance to the National Parks for Canada 150 I’ve been trying to find other campgrounds around Alberta to camp at to avoid the crowds. We took the opportunity in late July to check out Castle Falls in southwestern Alberta.

Road to Castle Provincial Parks

The weekend we went was thankfully clear of smoke from all the forest fires, although there was still a fire ban in effect. This area is worth checking out, and I will definitely be back (it’s currently closed due to fire). The day-use area at the falls gets busy during the day, but the campground itself isn’t crowded.

We spent the days lounging/floating in the Castle River – during the day it was close to 30, but the river was ice cold.

Kristen on the BEST Floatie!

The area is also pretty popular with anglers. Chris had a go at fishing but didn’t end up reeling anything in but it’s a good way to spend the day.


Golden Hour Forest

Muppet in the Wild

With the clear skies we also lucked out with the area being more remote (and the moon phase was in our favour) so the night skies were some of the darkest skies I’ve seen. The Milky Way was super visible and we even caught some Aurora low on the horizon.

Night at Castle Falls

The View from the  Campsite

Milky Way

Milky Way

Milky Way and the ISS(I think?)

Milky Way

Aurora at Castle Falls


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