Saddleback Pass

With the rush of people every September to see the larches I got to an early start to hike Saddleback Pass (I had done this hike the year before).

I got to the Lake Louise turnoff around 8am on a Friday, on the way to the trailhead they had already closed the road up to Moraine Lake (trailhead for the ever popular Larch Valley hike) – Parks Canada has shuttle buses running from Lake Louise Hamlet. The Saddleback Pass trail isn’t anywhere near as jammed packed as the Larch Valley one – making it preferable for me. There was still room at the Lake Louise parking lot, but it was filling up fast.

Golden Larches

Trail Approaching Avalanche Chute

The trail isn’t too bad to begin with but definitely gets steeper the further you go, provides some great views of the Bow Valley and plenty of flora if you need a breather.

Alpine Anemone

Looking Back towards Mount St. Piran

Morning in the Bow Valley

As you go higher the forest begins to thin and the larches become more abundant.

Trail Approaching the Pass

Fairview Mountain

After a series of switchbacks the trail opens up to the pass. You get a great view of the surrounding peaks.

Views Approaching the Pass

Mount Temple and Sheol Mountain

View at the Pass

I stopped here for a quick lunch before heading up Fairview Mountain.

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