Valley of Fire State Park

A short drive out from Las Vegas is Valley of Fire State Park. It is filled with fantastical geology and amazing vistas. A welcome break from the lights and noise of the Strip.

First stop in the park was Atlatl Rock. A short flight of stairs brings you to an impressive collection of petroglyphs.

Stairs to Atlatl Rock


Next up was a quick walk around the Petrified Logs trail, the trail is a small loop that brings you by some stunning views and some petrified logs.

View from the trail

A roadside pullout at Seven Sisters provides some cool rock formations

Seven Sisters

Elephant Rock is probably one of the most well known rock formations in the park.  The rock is visible from the road, and a short trail brings you to it.

Elephant Rock

A cool bit of history can be seen at the Cabins, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The Cabins

View from the Cabins

Our last stop in the park was Rainbow Vista

Rainbow Vista

Rock Formations on the Trail


Rainbow Vista Panorama


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