Aurora – Mother’s Day 2016

A couple photos from the huge Aurora borealis display Mother’s Day (May 7th-8th). Got an alert late saturday night and took off to Lake Minnewanka to view. The roadway was packed with people but the show did not dissapoint. One of the strongest auroras I’ve seen and it went on for hours. Continue reading


Abraham Lake – Winter 2016

This was my third attempt to try to find the methane bubbles. The previous two attempts were unsuccessful as the first time around proved too warm, so the ice was already melting. The second, we had snow covered surface. I also had troubles finding exactly were to pull over to photograph the ice surface. This time I was lucky and was able to finally see them and have a venture out onto the lake. I’ll add some descriptions of where I stopped and will later add a map once I pull the coordinates from my GPS. I drove along Highway 11 from West to East.

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